The pandemic outbreak has pushed us into an unforeseen crisis such as lockdown, travel bans, panic buying and financial market turmoil. The disease affected millions of people, conquered lakhs of lives and continues its hunt. People are in the fear of death and urge to live.

Although this is the present scenario, there is a group of people who are taking advantage of this pandemic. Such people are playing the bloody business with the emotions of common people. Life, death or anything else never bothers them.

How Pandemic Changed The Life

The pandemic has completely changed our lifestyle. Sanitising and social distancing become a part of our lifestyle. Going out for shopping, movie, get together and parties have been completely avoided.

Everything happened all of a sudden. Our huge world was shrunken to our homes, apartments or wherever we are.  All these factors pushed us into a digital world.

The world and technology were so advanced that everybody can sit at their homes and purchase whatever they want, do their work and prevent the spread of the virus. But the technology was too advanced to cheat the people in such a crisis.

Many stores have increased the price of even the necessities of people into an unimaginable level. They started selling low-quality products with a high price tag. So many fake sellers started ruling the online markets. Due to fear, people started purchasing necessary and unnecessary products without limits which lead to the clearing of stock in reputed sellers and growth of fake sellers.

Scammers and frauds collected personal information about people and misusing it. They also collected a huge amount of money by conveying false information regarding the pandemic and claiming that their products have resistance to coronavirus. Criminals are taking advantage of the fear within our society by selling counterfeit medical products such as PPE kits, face mask and other pharmaceutical products online.

The only way to protect yourself from such fake sellers is to take due diligence on the sellers. Although this is a tough time and we all are under crisis, your cautious decisions can prevent frauds of fake sellers to an extent.

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