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Have you ever heard about Mystery Shopping? In today’s time, when the competition in the market is extremely high, “more and more” organizations are trying their best to deliver services par excellence. Customers these days are smart and precise about their wants and needs.

One such service the customers looks for and prioritizes during shopping is customer service. Many organizations have zero knowledge of how the customer perceives your brand. An insight into what your brand looks like to the customer can be beneficial to you in many ways. It is where Mystery shopping comes to play a vital role.


What is Mystery Shopping?


Mystery Shopping is a new trending method to gauge the customer’s experience. ‘Mystery Shoppers’ portray as customers and to get an insight into what your organization looks like to a customer. The feedback collected by mystery shoppers is evaluated, to improve the customer experience. The company gets an idea of what they are lacking and what improvements they need.


Benefits of Mystery Shopping


This service proves very advantageous to organizations in many facets. Here are the top six benefits:

1. Improving customer experience: This service lets you know how you can improve. It ensures high-quality service, and ecstatic customer service is provided to maintain customer relations.


2. To monitor performance: Since mystery shopping gives authentic feedback on how customers are reacting to your products, it ensures an effective way to measure your brand’s performance.


3. Identify hurdles and setbacks: A mystery shopper will identify small to big problems to give you insider knowledge of how you can further improve your service.


4. Increases sales opportunities: Through the service, you get a detailed report about the areas you were lacking. so, Improvements in those areas will increase potential sales and customers.


5. Competitive analysis: If the process is done with the proper method, it allows you to compare the performance of various stores and their locations.


6. Employee awareness: The feedback gained by the service will give the employees an idea of what their customers want. This awareness helps employees serve the customer better.


How can you conduct Mystery shopping?


Mystery shopping for online stores can be done through the following methods:


  • Telephonic conversations
  • Website and social media sites
  • Hidden Audio/ Video recording




Mystery shopping is an effective tool to gain insight into what your customer wants. So, this insight will help you improve your service. An employee’s morality can also be check through the process.


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