Our aim is to build healthy trustworthy business and professional relationships among organizations, businesses and individuals. We are the best at it, and our wide range of services are offered to prove it.

Verifit simultaneously works with you to add the number of colorful success stories in your lives verifying their authenticity through a bucket of due diligence services offered to our clients to meet all of their needs. We help you connect with the right people and companies, and help you make right decisions in this regard.

We thus help you to take much informative and most beneficial decisions, so that you never loose your time and money by betting and investing into wrong people and organizations.


Global Presence - In 27 Countries
Local Presence - In 50+ Indian Cities
Audits and Compliance Check - 12+ Experts
Investigations and Forensics - 10+ Years of Experience
Information Gathering and Verification - 10+ Experts


While doing business with a new organization, or hiring an employee, the most important thing is to seek authenticity and genuineness of the person or organization you are connecting with. Because trust is the foundation for a long term relationship, and it is too costly to be bought by money, but can only be built over time.

There comes Verifit to your aid, to assist you in assessing and verifying authenticity of any person, organization, document, and or plan and data presented to you.

We help you to build the foundation of your long lasting relationship with anyone, and save your time and money by providing facts and findings to rely upon while making a decision.

Dr. Arvind K Singh

A Serial Entrepreneur / Information Security Researcher /  Corporate Consultant / Philanthropist / Traveller
Indian Cities
Subject Matter Experts


On-Ground Presence

Our professional and experienced team is present on the ground to provide the best quality services.

AI Powered Results

We have tied knots with the blazing AI technology to boost our due diligence process.

Data Driven Methods

Our data-driven services enable businesses to make well informed and authentic decisions.

Experienced Teams

We are able to deliver the immaculate due diligence services because of the competency and experience of our team.

Latest Tech Enabled Methods

We use latest, up-to-date technology enabled methods to provide you most accurate facts and findings, which you can rely upon to make your decisions.


Global Presence

From USA to UK, Russia to Australia, China to Mexico, we have our personnel in 27+ countries.

All India Coverage

We are present in 50+ Indian cities, to serve your needs wherever need be, so there are no geographical barriers.

All Round Services

Whether you need company due diligence or individual KYC, forensics investigation or cyber surveillance, we provide all.

Brilliant Teams

Our teams include highly skilled and professional individuals with years of expertise in their respective fields.

100% Result Guarantee

We perform to deliver results; thus, our services come with a 100% result guarantee.