Buyer/Seller verification services we provide

In this digital age, people most often fix their dealings online and it is difficult to choose the appropriate person or businesses to accompany your dealings, without proper authentication.

In order to become a successful business in this era, the foremost thing to be done is to verify the genuineness of your seller or buyer.

Verifit provides reliable information for our clients to choose their customers wisely, efficiently and effectively. This service adds an additional layer of protection to buyer-seller relationships.

Our services include company profile verification, past experience verification, physical address verification, stock verification and anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit product verification.

Our services are crafted in order to suit businesses of every nature and size, and can be customized further as per your need. You can check from the list of services being offered by us under Buyer/Seller verification, and let us know how can we help you to choose your next business correspondent.

Various types of services offered under buyer/seller verification are :

You can keep a measure of undesirable liabilities, corruption, frauds and hidden political agendas by availing company profile verification services. And hence you can build your company on a strong base.

Deliverable : Verification of potential business partners, potential joint-venture, merger or acquisition companies, vendors or sub-contractors, investment targets – pre-investment and post-investment due diligence, investors or funding companies, customers, channel partners including distributors, resellers and sales agents.

This service enables you to know about the past of your employee/partner. We will make a thorough check if he/she has criminal background or black mark in his professional records.

Deliverable : It includes past work history, address verification, educational credentials, criminal record, personal ID verification.

For any company, address verification is a basic need so as to get a contact point in case of any adverse condition. We verify if the address provided really exists.

Deliverable : Address verification through means of anonymous office visit, address visit, photo proof of visit and existence of the company, information gathering from surroundings.

Stock verification is important to disclose the possibility of theft, to verify the accuracy of records and to reveal the weakness of the system. We will support your system by giving the exact stock report periodically.

Deliverable : this includes evaluation by means of estimating, counting, measuring and weighing of all items in the stock, and matching your requirement with availability. or if the stock promised to you actually exists.

Counterfeiting and piracy goes on growing with the technology. It will affect everybody if not a proper check is given. Verifit offers investigation and monitoring of such issues that can protect you from these threats.

Deliverable : Verification of product and stock, verify its genuineness through available means and methods, verifying product lot number, serial number, etc, checking for counterfeit products, verifying origin of product, legality of product, and provide all facts, data and documents to support our findings.

How we work

  • 1. Enquiry

    You raise an enquiry with us, sharing your requirements and needs, and sharing information which you have..

  • 2. Consultation

    One of our consultants get in touch with you, probably within a few hours of receiving your enquiry. They understand your needs, and advises you the best way forward after discussing specifics of your work.

  • 3. Engagement

    Once you agree to proceed, and decide on service you want to avail, our executive will get in touch with your to complete engagement process, including payment and NDA.

  • 4. Execution

    A team consisting of subject matter experts, is assigned to your work, the very moment you complete engagement process, and they start working. An on-field executive is also assigned to carry out the field work, if needed. We strive to provide you with results and evidences backing our conclusions, within stipulated time line.

  • 5. Result

    Our goal is to present our clients with a conclusion of our findings, with the backing and support of proper evidences, to help them make better and easier decisions. Thus, we present our conclusions and result along with requisite findings and evidences, the same day as we complete our work. One final consultation is also provided to help you better understand the findings, and make best decisions.