Company due diligence services we provide

If you are planning for finance or investment, you have to scrutiny your thoughts before reaching a decision.

Team verifit works day and night to provide an independent, well organised report on assigned topic and will help our clients to get out of this difficult decision making process.

We execute due diligence analysis according to our client’s need in the most effective manner. We can provide you with due diligent business solutions so that you can protect your investments and can confidently make critical decisions. Our experts will provide a comprehensive advice on matters regarding administration, finance, taxes and accounts, intellectual property, legal, and compliance risks.

Check below to see various types of services we provide under company due diligence to save time and hassle of our clients, so that they can focus on other important aspects of their business with a worry free mind.

Various types of services offered under company due diligence are :

This service will give a complete idea of company and its background. This can also give a rough idea about the potential cost for expanding the target company.

Deliverable : This includes the study of financial, administrative activities, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the management, verifies the facilities and work stations etc.

This is one of the most important due diligence service provided by verifit. It helps you to understand about financial position and uncovered liabilities which help you to make a decision.

Deliverable : It involves analysis of major customer accounts, fixed and variable cost analysis, analysis of profit margins, sales and purchase accounts, funds in and out flow verification, loan and credit limits, overdraft facility and utilization, and examination of internal control procedures.

We built up our assets by working day and night and cannot even imagine of losing it. So a thorough study should be done to uncover any underlying problems.

Deliverable : The verification include a detailed schedule of fixed assets and their locations and valuation, a valuation and verification of all movable and immovable properties and assets, all lease agreements for equipment, a schedule of sales and purchases of major capital equipment during the last three to five years, real estate deeds, mortgages, title policies, and use permits, and other activities related to assets.

You should have a clear picture of tax liabilities and calculate tax in the appropriate manner so as to avoid tensions. Verifit provides solution to these problems.

Deliverable : Includes the verification of copies of all tax returns – including income tax, withholding, and sales tax – for the past three to five years, Information relating to any past or pending tax audits of the company, Documentation related to NOL (net operating loss) or any unused credit carry forwards of deductions or tax credits.

It is essential to know about the quantity and quality of assets owned by a company or an individual before fixing a deal with them. We are here to help you out.

Deliverable : Our review include schedule of patents and patent applications, schedule of copyrights, trademarks, and brand names, pending patents clearance documents and any pending claims case by or against the company in regard to violation of intellectual property.

Legal due diligence is extremely important and is a must do process. Once you leave this step, you might have to pay a lot at the later, as a price of delay.

Deliverable : Verifit review and verifies copy of memorandum and articles of association, minutes of board meetings for the last three years, copy of share certificates issued to key management personnel, copy of all guarantees to which the company is a party, all material contracts, including any joint venture or partnership agreements, limited liability company or operating agreements, licensing or franchise agreements, copies of all loan agreements, bank financing agreements, and lines of credit to which company is a party. We also check all your legal matters including criminal, operational, financial or compliance cases, and provide an apt solution for that.

Good support staffs give a peaceful state of mind and keep the customers in a comfort zone. Since they have a great role, their hiring is also very crucial.

Deliverable : The verification ensures that their details are registered with the local police station so in the event of need, they can be retrieved. We also check biometric identification, permanent and current address check, ID authentication, previous employment and medical check-up.

Vendor screening is really important because they have a crucial role. We help you to mitigate your risk and will act as a wall of security.

Deliverable : Physical company visit, supplier and customer reference, employees check, business activity, license validation, financial and consumer complaints, etc.

Compliance risk has a huge potential that it can even make you a looser or can put you behind the bars. We are ready to share and reduce the risk involved.

Deliverable : It includes assessment and evaluation of risk, assessment of various compliance and regulatory requirements, international and national data protection regulations, procurement law and anti-corruption regulations, and other mandatory compliance to be in place.

How we work

  • 1. Enquiry

    You raise an enquiry with us, sharing your requirements and needs, and sharing information which you have..

  • 2. Consultation

    One of our consultants get in touch with you, probably within a few hours of receiving your enquiry. They understand your needs, and advises you the best way forward after discussing specifics of your work.

  • 3. Engagement

    Once you agree to proceed, and decide on service you want to avail, our executive will get in touch with your to complete engagement process, including payment and NDA.

  • 4. Execution

    A team consisting of subject matter experts, is assigned to your work, the very moment you complete engagement process, and they start working. An on-field executive is also assigned to carry out the field work, if needed. We strive to provide you with results and evidences backing our conclusions, within stipulated time line.

  • 5. Result

    Our goal is to present our clients with a conclusion of our findings, with the backing and support of proper evidences, to help them make better and easier decisions. Thus, we present our conclusions and result along with requisite findings and evidences, the same day as we complete our work. One final consultation is also provided to help you better understand the findings, and make best decisions.