Individual due diligence services we provide

A large number of frauds and scam reports are arising from all over the world. Do you want to be a victim? No, nobody wants to.

If you are stepping into new connections, it is a must that you should make a thorough check on it. Every new connection is crucial so we should think before building it.

Verifit is ready for a war against the fake faces in the society. We are here to secure you from the fake connections that may lead you into troubles.

Better connections will provide better standard of living. Your connections have a great role in life. Verifit provides you the best connections.

Have a look on our services provided below and choose the most suitable one. Choose verifit and lead a peaceful life.

Various types of services offered under individual due diligence are :

Most often, tenants keep a false identity so tenant verification is a must process. This process is vital to reduce the risk of income loss and frauds.

Deliverable : This includes a thorough check on identity authentication, temporary and permanent address, criminal records, credit defaulter and previous residential reference.

This is an important service that you should avail to keep yourself protected. We will provide a detailed report of criminal and legal backgrounds of the employee.

Deliverable : This includes the assessment of  list of all threats, pending, current, and closed litigation from the past five years, responses from the company regarding audit inquires, list of all statutory orders, decrees, and rulings to which the company be subject, copies of service, vendor, customer contacts and so on.

Health record verification is essential to check, either for a new relationship, or hiring. The health of your employee or partner will indirectly affect your life and company.

Deliverable : We checks the health condition of the individual including CBC,  Height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar-fasting, ECG, chest X ray , near and far vision, color vision, general physical examination, HIV-1 and 2, and other health conditions assessment.

Drug use at the work place will affect the reputation of the company. Therefore, it important to keep your company and workplace drug free in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Deliverable : The test is done by analyzing urine sample. The panels for drug test are 5 panel, 7 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel and 12 panel.

How we work

  • 1. Enquiry

    You raise an enquiry with us, sharing your requirements and needs, and sharing information which you have..

  • 2. Consultation

    One of our consultants get in touch with you, probably within a few hours of receiving your enquiry. They understand your needs, and advises you the best way forward after discussing specifics of your work.

  • 3. Engagement

    Once you agree to proceed, and decide on service you want to avail, our executive will get in touch with your to complete engagement process, including payment and NDA.

  • 4. Execution

    A team consisting of subject matter experts, is assigned to your work, the very moment you complete engagement process, and they start working. An on-field executive is also assigned to carry out the field work, if needed. We strive to provide you with results and evidences backing our conclusions, within stipulated time line.

  • 5. Result

    Our goal is to present our clients with a conclusion of our findings, with the backing and support of proper evidences, to help them make better and easier decisions. Thus, we present our conclusions and result along with requisite findings and evidences, the same day as we complete our work. One final consultation is also provided to help you better understand the findings, and make best decisions.