Know your customer services we provide

Knowing your customer is the key to unlock success. But definitely, a question would have popped up in your mind – ‘HOW’, and we have the answer to your question.

Verifit provides a wide range of services to screen and understand your clients. Our analysis has several steps like data collection, risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and case management which helps us to filter the best for you.  A periodic review is necessary to avoid financial and reputational risks.

We deliver outstanding customer services to both individual and corporate clients at a reasonable price. We make an in-depth analysis so that you can prevent yourself from theft, money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing.

Check our services listed below and be in touch to lead a risk-free and smooth life.

Various types of services offered under know your customer are :

Knowing your customer is very important to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, theft and so on. Verifit can make this process easier and reduce your burden.

Deliverable : Our services include temporary/permanent address check, verification of identity and other relevant documents like ID proof, passport etc.

Customer background check will provide an idea about the customers. Verifit act as a shield against customer risks.

Deliverable : This service includes employment, education, criminal records, credit history, bankruptcy filings, motor vehicle and license record checks.

As customers are the asset of a business, a close examination is necessary to secure your business. This service helps you to confirm the identity of customers.

Deliverable : This includes the verification of permanent address, ID proof and other documents, involvement of the beneficial owner and the inclusion in any watch lists.

It is a must for every banks/company to make loan eligibility verification before sanctioning a loan. You should check whether the borrower is capable of repaying the loan on time.

Deliverable : The checklist includes incomes status of the applicant and co-applicant, CIBIL score, financial defaulter database, age of applicants, qualifications, family details, profession experience, employer/business, security of tenure, tax history and asset details and financing patterns.

How we work

  • 1. Enquiry

    You raise an enquiry with us, sharing your requirements and needs, and sharing information which you have..

  • 2. Consultation

    One of our consultants get in touch with you, probably within a few hours of receiving your enquiry. They understand your needs, and advises you the best way forward after discussing specifics of your work.

  • 3. Engagement

    Once you agree to proceed, and decide on service you want to avail, our executive will get in touch with your to complete engagement process, including payment and NDA.

  • 4. Execution

    A team consisting of subject matter experts, is assigned to your work, the very moment you complete engagement process, and they start working. An on-field executive is also assigned to carry out the field work, if needed. We strive to provide you with results and evidences backing our conclusions, within stipulated time line.

  • 5. Result

    Our goal is to present our clients with a conclusion of our findings, with the backing and support of proper evidences, to help them make better and easier decisions. Thus, we present our conclusions and result along with requisite findings and evidences, the same day as we complete our work. One final consultation is also provided to help you better understand the findings, and make best decisions.